Wednesday, June 18, 2008

These Chicas Rock!

Photo Credit: Sarah Quiara

My new favorite band, Girl in a Coma, hails from Texas and they are seriously bad ass. They will be playing at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on July 13th.

Check out the video for "Say" here


Diana said...

They look seriously bad ass. I used to live in the Bay Area (San Jose is my home town) and I know you will have a great time at Bottom of the Hill! I'll check out the video after the kids are in bed.

They remind me of the "Love and Rockets" characters by The Brother Hernandez. Do you remember that?


whimsywren said...

YES! They are Maggie and Hopey! Those brother's grew up in Oxnard, CA. I went to Oxnard High for most of my high school years, but didn't discover the comic until a few years later.

Hope the teething blues pass quickly!