Friday, February 29, 2008

The Wrap Up!

Broken Serif I-III, Film Stills, Wrenay Gomez Charlton.
More details here

Well, fellow makers, it has been non-stop fun to host this challenge. I enjoyed meeting so many great etsy artists. I hope this challenge helped to promote all of your hard efforts and great products.

Below are the final posts for the night! Congrats to you all on job well done!

New today from MoonMystic. Check out her shop for more inspired jewelry.

One more from MoonMystic...

New participant tonight...Vintage Inspiration...

This Spring Ring can be viewed here.

Another for the Final Day!

These stick pins look like yummy lollipops!
See more creations by Far'ha, at her etsy shop.

SSmart Raggs for Friday

More wonderful knit pieces from Ssmart Raggs. See them here

Orange Theory for Friday

See this great card set here

Nancy Rose Friday

This is another wonderful example of the art created by Nancy Rose.
Visit her shop to see more.

And We're Off!

Today is the last day of the challenge! Congrats to all of you who participated. It has been much fun and great to meet some of the people running their businesses on etsy.

Here are the first entries of the day...

A cool note card set from Gaudy Goddess, see it here.

Another super cute pouch from Midnight Creations. see more at her etsy shop

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mine For Today

This is from a painting I did on 16mm film. It is about 100 feet long. I have decided to make prints from sections of the film.

MoonMystic for Thursday

Love the bands! See more photos of this pendant here

Gotta love these little birdies! Find out more about them here.

One-A-Day Treasury

Great news all! I grabbed a treasury and dedicated it to the challenge participants. You can see it here...

One-A-Day Treasury

New Item from Ssmart Raggs

This cute hat has a detachable flower, see more pix here

Another for Thursday

LinkElegant earrings from Bella Luna

Orange Theory for Thursday

Another colorful card from OrangeTheory

I have this fantasy...

I am behind on posting challenge updates today, mostly due to work and reading the blogs about Project Runway. I've come across a couple of good ones, this one will crack you up.

Now for my fantasy...

Ok, I am not a fashion designer, but I sooooo want to be on Project Runway. I would be the girl that constructs all her pieces with fabric glue and Heat-n-Bond. Everyone else would bitch about me not knowing how to use a sewing machine, but I would totally win the "Design a Couture Look from Garbage" and the "Create a Ready to Wear Piece from Found Objects" challenges.

Nancy Rose Thursday

OOOH, AAAH! Need I say more?!! Well you can see more here.

Challenge Updates for Thursday

This set of ACEO's is called All Girl Band. Each one is sold separately and can be viewed at
Ginger Lime's etsy store.

Challenge Updates for Thursday

Another cute/funtional item from Midnight Creations. Visit her store to see more items.

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at Jillian's Runway Show at Fashion Week, 2008.

Au Revoir, Sweet Prince!

I love Project Runway, in fact, it is the only TV I watch anymore. The final show is next week, but it will go on without Chris March. I purposely did not read news about Fashion Week because I did not want to know if Rami or Chris had made the final, until the show aired. However, I now know that not only did Rami, Jillian and Christian show at FW, but so did Chris and SweetPea. It's great that they showed collections as well, although I did not care for most of SP's designs. It seems that you can stay under radar on this show if you just let everyone else showboat.

I was rooting for Chris to make it to the final 3. His designs are really great and he is from the bay area! I found Rami's work to be soooo predictable-ugh!

Looking forward to next week. I think Christian is the favorite, but I predict Jillian will win. Her work rocks! And the details are fantastic. Tim said her color palette reminds him of a cloudy day and he wasn't feeling it. Those of us in the bay area totally get it! Although, I wouldn't mind if she added something with a pop of color-just for the wow factor.

Auf to work!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Three More From MoonMystic

Another great pair of earrings from Moon Mystic's shop

Yummy Mango! Find out more about this item here

See this item here

Welcome Strange Little Girl

This item just posted today! View it here.

New Participant

See this colorful necklace here

Welcome to Chasing Beads, who just joined in today! Visit her etsy shop here

Nancy Rose Today

Another wonderful artwork from Nancy Rose

Handknit Cap

Another cutie for baby from Ssmart Raggs.

One More for Today

Another great piece from Gaudy Goddess

Orange Theory's Post for Today

See these cute cards here

Another from Midnight Creations

See more fun totes & coin purses at Midnight Creations etsy shop

New Items for Today

Cute little magnets. See more pix here

Welcome to Gingerlime! Check out her etsy store here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome GaudyGoddess!

Check out these great earrings, posted today by GaudyGoddess

More from MoonMystic!

Click here to find out more about these earrings.

Swimmy in Maroon!

Moonmystic has been busy making more swimmy earrings and other cool jewelery. Check out her latest listings.

One More for Today

Another cute post by SSmartRaggs. A floppy spring hat with vintage buttons on a lime green fleece flower. Click here to find out more about this item.

Like My Bib?

These super cute baby bibs are from Like My Dress. You can see more of her unique baby items by visiting her shop here.

An ACEO from Nancy Rose

Visit Nancy's etsy shop to see more of her work.

I just love ACEO's. They make me so happy. I guess its because I used to collect Charlie's Angels trading cards as a kid. Ok, I just dated myself!

Today's Orange Theory

Another cute set from Orange Theory

My Item for Today

This is a new one from my ACEO series.

One of my ACEO's is featured in a treasury! Check it out here

First Challenge Entry for Tuesday

Get more details about this tote here.

Good morning! Midnight Creations is the first something to the challenge today. Visit her store to see more cute, useful totes and bags.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Orange Theory Adds Another!

Get the 411 on these embellishments here

Our Little Over Achiever of the Day!

More info on this item here

Find out more about this item here

Yay! Moon Mystic posted 3 new items today!

and one more

Another great ACEO from GirlCanCreate

New to the Challenge Today

Welcome "Girl Can Create" to the One-A-Day challenge. Visit her shop to see more great art and her funny avatar!

My New Work For Today

I have decided to start making some of my work into ACEO cards. This is the first one that I have developed from an original collage.

Treasury West

Treasury West is a little "subdivision" of the Treasury. You can see the list I put together by clicking the link below, and then from there you can check out the other galleries.

More from Moon Mystic

see swimmy cousins here