Thursday, February 28, 2008

Au Revoir, Sweet Prince!

I love Project Runway, in fact, it is the only TV I watch anymore. The final show is next week, but it will go on without Chris March. I purposely did not read news about Fashion Week because I did not want to know if Rami or Chris had made the final, until the show aired. However, I now know that not only did Rami, Jillian and Christian show at FW, but so did Chris and SweetPea. It's great that they showed collections as well, although I did not care for most of SP's designs. It seems that you can stay under radar on this show if you just let everyone else showboat.

I was rooting for Chris to make it to the final 3. His designs are really great and he is from the bay area! I found Rami's work to be soooo predictable-ugh!

Looking forward to next week. I think Christian is the favorite, but I predict Jillian will win. Her work rocks! And the details are fantastic. Tim said her color palette reminds him of a cloudy day and he wasn't feeling it. Those of us in the bay area totally get it! Although, I wouldn't mind if she added something with a pop of color-just for the wow factor.

Auf to work!


David Dust said...

Poor Chris, he had to go back to the Monkey House.

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Bye…love you…love your hair!

Orange Theory said...

You alluded to this in your post, but thought I'd let you know too. Usually when fashion week happens they stil have four designers left on the show even though only three will compete for the final prize. So as not to give anything away they allow all four to show a collection at fashion week. They have done this since season one. So next season of PR, don't be afraid to watch fashion week, they will be careful not to ruin any surprises on the show. :)